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Gearb0x April 18, 2010 06:17

mapFields : internal edges
Dear Foamers,

I'm currently trying to launch a case from an non uniform field using the utility mapfield.

My geometries are not consistant so I have to define a mapFieldsDict wich contains the edges that are consistent (means that they are at the same places on the two geometries) and those that are not.

My problem is that my mesh is generated in gambit, then exported to .msh and then imported in openfoam thanks to the "fluentMeshToFoam" utility.
Here is the log of this utility :


Building boundary and internal patches.
Creating patch 0 for zone: 3 start: 1 end: 150 type: velocity-inlet name: interiorCutting
Creating patch 1 for zone: 4 start: 151 end: 250 type: velocity-inlet name: interiorMapField
Creating patch 2 for zone: 5 start: 251 end: 370 type: wall name: fixedWallsMapField
Creating patch 3 for zone: 6 start: 371 end: 630 type: wall name: fixedWalls
Creating patch 4 for zone: 7 start: 631 end: 680 type: pressure-outlet name: outlet
Creating patch 5 for zone: 8 start: 681 end: 730 type: velocity-inlet name: inlet
Creating patch 6 for zone: 10 start: 731 end: 19240 type: interior name: default-interior
Creating patch for front and back planes

Patch interiorCutting is internal to the mesh  and is not being added to the boundary.
Patch interiorMapField is internal to the mesh  and is not being added to the boundary.
Adding new patch fixedWallsMapField of type wall as patch 0
Adding new patch fixedWalls of type wall as patch 1
Adding new patch outlet of type patch as patch 2
Adding new patch inlet of type patch as patch 3
Patch default-interior is internal to the mesh  and is not being added to the boundary.
Adding new patch frontAndBackPlanes of type empty as patch 4

My problem is that, for example, the interiorCutting patch is said to be internal and so is not added BUT I NEED IT FOR MAPFIELDS. So I would like that openfoam sets it to "patch". If I remember well, in blockmesh "patch" states for an edge or a plane that doesn't affect the flow but can be used for geometry concerns.

How can I do that? Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

Gearb0x April 19, 2010 06:50

I tried with a .neu file but gambitToFoam seems to don't like internal faces either... yet it's not explicitly said in the utility description as it is for the fluentMeshToFoam (This utility doesn't accept internal faces, it removes them)

So now I'm left with the option of creating these faces myself in openfoam nut How Can I do that?? How to know the points for creating the faces, ...? (cause faces are moving since I'm trying to optimize a geometry ...)

Thanks for your help

Gearb0x April 19, 2010 08:28

Found the solution :)

See the wiki at this page for those interested :

Gearb0x April 19, 2010 09:02

Well, thought so...

with openfoam 1.6 this doesn't work out of the box... I'm still trying to make it work ... If someone suceeds I'd be glad to know :)

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