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luftikus May 6, 2010 14:50

Developing a case from scratch
Hi members,
my name is Andreas, i'm new to this forum as well as new to the CFD topic.
But I am really interested on learning it and using open foam, especially for my new hobby, vertical air wind turbines.
When I started with openfoam, the version 1.6 was up to date, so I installed and run this one on my computer. I bought a book about fluid dynamic basics and a more specific one about numerical fluid mechanics, which really get me to my borders.
Why I started this thread is the following idea. In my opinion, to learn openfoam is currently really hard. What I am missing is a step by step tutorial on how to get started from the first idea to the satisfying simulation result.
I tried some tutorials of the installation, let them run, put my own model/mesh (build with "blender" and exported as STL file) into a tutorial and it worked. But I'm still not able to develop my own CFD case.
Hopefully with all your help I/We can come up with a really good tutorial, how to get started on a specific cfd case.
For my own interest, it would be great if we could begin with the following case:
In my simulation I would like to put my blender designed wind turbine into my simulation area and let the air blow from one direction. Due to the force, that is included in the flowing air, the turbine shall begin to rotate (visible in paraFoam), depending on the turbine wing design and the air speed (Possibly the turbine won't rotate but just oscillate due to a bad design, but thats what I want to check with the simulation before bying expensive materials)
The only idea I have so far is, that pimpleDyMFoam would be the right solver, wouldn't it?
Please can You help me in very small steps to get success with OpenFOAM?
What shall I do first? I will post my results here to get feedback and go to the next step or ask more detailed questions to get the tutorial really good.
I am a computer programmer by profession, so maybe I can help on other topics. But on the CFD topic I really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance,

My best regards,

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