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MatP May 14, 2010 11:30

Problem understanding rhoPisoFoam
Hey i'm a newbie in Openfoam and try to understand the solution scheme of the solver rhoPisoFoam.

On of the first equations to be solved is the continuity equation for density included by rhoEqn.H.

Now my question is what is solved by that equation and why i have to do so. Later on in pEqn.H the same headerfile is included once more. Why?

Maybe somebody can help me understanding this.

Thx Matthias

alberto May 15, 2010 13:21

The first time you find an updated density at the new time, based on the old flux (see the flux is not recomputed, but the conservative one at old time is used).

In the pEqn, you find the updated density at the new time using the conserved flux at the current time.


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