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jmo May 17, 2010 22:36

Plunging Airfoil Problem
Hi everyone,

I am knew to OpenFOAM (and CFD and general) and am having an issue with moving meshes. My goal is to simulate a moving airfoil in 2D, where the airfoil movelement can be specified arbitrarily as a function of time. I was wondering what the best way to do this is?

I have run some test cases. First, I validated the struhaul number for an unsteady cylinder in low Re flow, and secondly I simulated a static airfoil started impulsivley. Neither gave me any issues.

I then decided to simplify the problem by setting Uinf for for the cyclinder case to 0 and linearly translating the entire mesh using the function "solidBodyMotionFvMesh" and selecting " the Sea Keeping Analysis model (SKA) which allows for 6DOF motion. The mesh movement works, as I can see it happening in paraView, however, the results are vastly different from the stationary grid case. The two results should be identical. I end up getting these pressure and velocity waves in the solution, which I think are numerical artifacts. Many times the solution will diverge because of these.

Does anyone have a clue what could be going on here or another way to approach the problem? Any help would be great...


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