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wangp1 May 20, 2010 00:35

DSMC simulation
OpenFOAM1.6 provides the package to do DSMC simulation. There are four tutorials on the DSMC simulations: freeSpacePeriodic, freeSpaceStream, supersonicCorner, and wedge15Ma5. I am new to the DSMC simulation. I was wondering if there is detailed manual or description about these DSMC tutorials.
Thanks a lot.

Jerry Joseph March 23, 2011 19:52


Did you get something for DSMC? I am new to DSMC and wanted you to send some guides for DSMC!


CFDnewbie147 February 12, 2014 05:30

Hello together,

did you get something helpfull? Can you send it to me or post here?

Best regards

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