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vinz July 8, 2010 03:27

Prescribed object motion and 6DOF
Dear all,

I'd like to simulate a new problem but I am wondering if everything needed to do so is already integrated in OpenFOAM or if some development is needed.
I attach a picture to describe what I want to simulate.
So in order to explain a bit more, I would like to prescribe a motion of the object on the right with a certain speed. This motion will create an over pressure field in front of him which should make the object on the left move (with 6DOF).

So the question is: is there already a solver able to simulate such a problem and/or which part of solvers should I use to be able to simulate this?

Hope someone will have help me with this?



Centurion2011 September 23, 2013 07:37

try falling box 6dof example. This is tricky stuff

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