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aki_yafuji July 14, 2010 10:38

Dear FOAMers,

After changing divSchemes as follows,

div(rho*phi,U) Gauss limitedLinearV 0.1 phi;
div(phi,alpha) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(phirb,alpha) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(phi,k) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(phi,epsilon) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(phi,R) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(R) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div(phi,nuTilda) Gauss cubicCorrected;
div((nuEff*dev(grad(U).T()))) Gauss cubicCorrected;

I receive an error message "Unknown discretisation scheme cubicCorrected".

Is cubicCorrected implemented in OF 1.6??? I can see it on Table 4.10
in the User Guide. If possible, please send me information...

Thanks in advance!


NickG August 2, 2010 11:53

Hi Aki

I'm not sure about 1.6 but it isn't on 1.5-dev. Without seeing the error it's not so easy to say but I imagine it's the last line that's causing the problem so try:

div((nuEff*dev(grad(U).T()))) Gauss cubic;
which should work

and then maybe:

div((nuEff*dev(grad(U).T()))) Gauss cubicCorrected phi;

if the original error says something about trying to read beyond EOF



NickG August 2, 2010 11:54

If that doesn't work it's not implemented. You should get a list of available schemes in the error. If it's not there try 1.7!

aki_yafuji August 5, 2010 04:52

Dear Nick

Thank you for replying my question!
I modify the divSchemes as you suggested,

div(rho*phi,U) Gauss cubic;
div(phi,alpha) Gauss cubic;
div(phirb,alpha) Gauss cubic;

and I can start the calculation!
(It seems that cubicCorrected is not implemented in OF 1.6...)

Thank you very much!!


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