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cwang5 July 19, 2010 08:13

Problem Running Dynamic Mesh
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Hi guys,

I've been having some weird problem with dynamicMeshDict setting for a customized solver. The solver I'm using is a point/cell displacement based motion solver, and I've tried just about every setting that I can used to get the mesh moving. The moving patch itself will move as per the pointDisplacement field specified, but nothing else moves at all. Attached are the pictures of the initial patch position and the position of the flap right before the solver crashes as the grids fold into each other.

The moving patch in question "flap" is a rigid surface attached to the upper-rear end of a block, and the motion was induced by the pressure difference across the flap. I am currently using the displacementLaplacian solver, and have tested the diffusivity setting of uniform, quadratic inverseDistance 1(flap), quadratic inversFaceDistance 1(flap), exponential 1 inverseFaceDistnace 1(flap), linear inverseDistance 1(flap), directional (0.1 0.1 0.1). I would appreciate if someone can provide some insight into the setting of dynamicMeshDict or a link to a site that contains the information.

Thanks a lot,


p.s. My OF version is 1.7.x

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