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hm86 July 19, 2010 17:09

OpenFOAM: MRFSimpleFOAM with waveTransmissive
Hey everyone,

I am trying to simulate wind turbine flow using MRFSimpleFoam and wanted to use the waveTransmissive boundary condition for the outlets. As far as I can see from the forums, the waveTransmissive bc has only been used with compressible solvers. I tried running it with MRFSimpleFoam and I get an error about the volScalarField psi which I do not have. Has anyone used the waveTransmissive bc with an incompressible flow solver and if yes, how did you do it? If not, is there an alternative I can use? (Im using zeroGradient currently)

On thinking about it more, is it that for a steady-state problem - the wave-transmissive/advective boundary condition is the same as the zeroGradient boundary condition? If so, how do I define my boundary conditions for a turbine moving in stationary flow?


cfdjunkie October 12, 2014 01:17


Did you find the answer to your question of using waveTransmissive boundary condition for incompressible flow?

I'm in a similar situation and want to use waveTransmissive for incompressible, transient flow to observe vortex shedding.

Thanks in advance!


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