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sprobst76 July 23, 2010 08:54

Undefined in dictionary
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Dear all,

I am newbie with OpenFoam and I tried to work with snappyHexMesh to have a more complicated structure as simulation domain. As solver I wanted to use channelFoam.

I was able to generated a mesh with a simple STL and a corresponding box around the structure. Everything went fine until I wanted to start the solver.

The solver responds that
keyword simple_SimpleNW is undefined in dictionary "###SimpleSHM.wall/0/p::boundaryField"
but i have the keyword "simple_.*" within "0/p" and even if I change it to "simple_SimpleNW", the solver still complains. I tried a lot of different stuff, but was not able to solve my problem.

Perhaps anybody can help me! Attached you find the full case.

Best regards and thank you for the help :)

P.S.: Additionally it would be very interesting, if it is possible to have the sides with cyclic boundary conditions and if it is possible, how ;-)

herbert July 23, 2010 09:24


Originally Posted by sprobst76 (Post 268686)
keyword simple_SimpleNW is undefined in dictionary "###SimpleSHM.wall/0/p::boundaryField"

I think this error is caused by the missing ";" in your p-file. It should be

    type      zeroGradient;


sprobst76 July 23, 2010 09:29

Stupid ...
Dear Stefan,

thank you, I look for everything but not for such a simple error! Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Best regards

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