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titio July 26, 2010 10:22

Question about gamma intgerpolation scheme
Hi foamers,

I have used recently the gamma interpolation scheme for convection terms, with some sucess I must say, in a flow problem where stress problems are relevant. However, in some cases the simulation crashes and I need to use other method.

I wonder if this a problem of the parameters I use in the method. In particular, in use gammaV 0.5 for the flow convective term and gamma 0.5 for other convective term but associated with extra stresses.

I know that lowering the parameter I should be getting more precision but less stability. But today I read in the forum some posts ( where the gamma method is used as gamma01 0.2 and gamma201 1.

Sincerely I am puzzled because I thought that gamma could not used with a constant larger than one, and I do not understand what means the numbers in front of th keyword.

Can someone tell me where I can get more information on the usage of gamma? A site with documentation wouls be great, only if the rules of capitalism did not interfere with that.


António Martins

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