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Michel_HB July 28, 2010 08:16

turbulent channel Flow - simpleFoam
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Hello Foamers,

I want to compare the result of turbulent and laminar channelflow from Fluent and OF.
Im using the simpleFoam-solver and the resulats of the laminar flow are looking fine.

Now i just want to run the same case with higher Re. So i just copied the case, calculated k and epsilon link in the OF User Guide and started the case.

The results seems to be wrong: e.g. the inlet velocity is set to 7.5cm/s, but v_max is just like 7.5432 cm/s. That seems quite strange to me...

I attached the case, it would be great if someone could help me..

Thanks a lot, have a good day..


vetnav August 2, 2010 19:54


I am no expert in this but there is an example in the Programmer's guide to carry out a turbulent flow analysis in backward facing step using simplefoam, did you go through this?

How did you get the laminar results? did you use simplefoam?

Thank you

maysmech August 6, 2010 02:07

BFS is steady state or transient
simpleFoam is steady state and pisoFoam is transient.
Is it possible that turbulent backward facing step be steady state?
i saw pitzDily which is same as a BFS in pisoFoam tuturial.
please tell me how can a turbulent flow in BFS with its deifferent eddies can be steady satate?

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