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sebastian July 28, 2010 10:46

BCs at Inlet and Outlet

As I have just started using Open Foam I would need some help to set a case :)

I want to compare a calculation of a nozzle flow, made with Fluent to one with Open Foam and need to install similar boundary conditions in Open Foam as used in Fluent.

At the inlets, in Fluent I have installed pressure-inlets to set up the total pressure. Furthermore, at the outlets, there are defined pressure-outlets with a given static pressure.
Now I want to do the same in my OpenFoam case. Which BC would you recommend (also in respect of possible backflow)? Also, which BC should be used for k and epsilon? In Fluent I set the trubulence intensity and the viscosity ratio as fixed values. I think the turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet for k is the corresponding BC in OpenFoam. But what to use for epsilon?

Thanks in advance!


ata July 29, 2010 14:11

BCs at Inlet and Outlet
Hi Sebastian
For full boundary conditions in O.F. see \src\finiteVolume\fields\fvPatchFields folder.
Good luck
Best regards


astein July 30, 2010 04:09

This might help as a basic introduction (easy to find with google of forum search...)

In the folder Ata mentioned, you'll find a totalPressure boundary condition as well. For a fixed (static) back pressure, try fixedValue with the pressure as value.


Sunxing May 10, 2013 22:34

Hi Sebastian

Have you set your case correctly? I have met the similar situation as yours, however there are something wrong in my case that I can't figure out. So I want to get some help from you.



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