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vetnav August 2, 2010 21:41

which is appropraite solver for this problem

I am a beginner and want to simulate a 2D channel flow, what I want to do is give a uniform velocity profile as the inlet condition and take a channel of considerable length and get the well know parabolic profile, so this problem falls under the category of steady state incompressible laminar flow but to my surprise or lack of knowledge of OpenFOAM I don't see any solver mentioning this, only simpleFoam comes close to this but simpleFoam is for turbulent flow, so can anyone please suggest me how to proceed.

I have posted some questions earlier and never got any reply, I feel like this forum is not that much helpful for beginners, and due to limited resources to learn OpenFOAM it is becoming more frustrating to learn if I don't get replies and am struck at some place.

I completed the test cases explained in User guide and my experience shows that it did not give me any confidence to even do a simple channel flow on my own, so could anyone please suggest me what I missed or how to proceed, I saw lot of people in the forum discussing about simulating really complicated problems using OpenFOAM, I am curious to know how they got that expertise in using OpenFOAM and how much time it took.

Eagerly waiting for any reply.

Thank you

maddalena August 3, 2010 02:36

Hello and welcome!

Originally Posted by vetnav (Post 269900)
only simpleFoam comes close to this but simpleFoam is for turbulent flow,

... well... in any case you can switch off turbulence on simpleFoam! on constant/RASProperties:

RASModel      laminar;
turbulence      off;

and on constant/turbulenceProperties:

turbulenceModel laminar;
turbulence      off;

Try to check on the forum for something like channel flow or pipe flow. You will have more and more detailed answers there.


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