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metro August 11, 2010 03:34

Annular Flow in Pipes
Hey All,

I am currently attempting to model annular flow in pipeline and would like know if anyone has attempted to model it using OpenFoam. The main reason for the question is that I am trying to model it with interFoam and setting the boundary conditions using groovyBC but the simulation results are not correct.

The boundary conditions are based on experimental data and therefore the flow regime should be correct BUT the results and flow regime end up similar to dispersed flow. The parameters are:

Ua (gas) = 50m/s
Ub (liquid) = 6m/s
P = 1 MPa
Void fraction = 0.8
Pipe dia = 0.2m

Reasons that it might not work:

Not using the correct solver which captures the liquid/gaseous interface correctly. Should I consider Eulerian-Langrian solver etc.

The boundary conditions might not set up correctly as the velocities are piecewise depending on alpha. Therefore large differential velocities between phases.

Can anyone please provide me some advice as I am a tad stuck....



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