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nileshjrane August 17, 2010 02:59

Which solver for "mixing in combustion chamber" problem???
Hello folks,

I am a newbie to OpenFOAM.

I want to simulate the mixing of air and fuel streams in a chamber. its a compressible subsonic flow.

So here is the question. Which solver i should use for this problem? There are just so many compressible solvers that i got confused. Also i want to use RNG-k-eps turnbulence model.

Thanks in advance.

nileshjrane August 18, 2010 09:23

Please someone help.
I am not sure which solver i should use, there are number if options available like rhosonicFoam, rhopsonicFoam, rhoPipmleFoam, rhoturbFoam...I have no idea which of them would be better for mixing problem.

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