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msabger August 31, 2010 23:42

InterMixingFoam - Gravity Currents (not working)
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I'm trying to test the interMixingFoam solver when studing gravity currents. So I took the tutorial example but changing the initial alpha fields. The initial condition is a horizontal free surface, and two separated phases, with different densities (I attach the whole example).

I was expecting to see the gravity currents due the difference in density, but both liquid phases behave as they have the same properties.

What could it be wrong?



nbadano September 29, 2010 12:05

Dear Martin,

There's indeed a bug in interMixingFoam. The solvers incorrectly assigns the properties of phase 2 to phase 3, so both are identical, preventing the development of any density current.

I've posted the bug-fix in this thread:

Best regards!


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