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nileshjrane September 4, 2010 19:53

Turbulence model for mixing problem
Hello all,

I am trying to simulate the air/fuel mixing in a combustion chamber. For this i need to use some turbulence model (RANS).

1) Which model would be better suited for such kind of simulation?? RNG-k-eps or SST-kW or any other??

2) About near wall treatment: I suppose k-w does not need a wall function in OF as it is already hard coded, am i right??

3) For RNG k-eps i will have to give some near wall function. Now my dialemma is for coarse mesh (y+ > 30) i have to specify wall function if i use standard k-eps model (which is High Re model in OF). But what if i use Low Re model like Launder-Sharma?? What about RNG (is it low Re or high Re)??

4) For mixing problem like this, how much importance the "near wall flow" have??? I am currently doing only cold flow simulations.

nileshjrane September 7, 2010 17:48


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