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Chrisi1984 September 6, 2010 04:45

transient Simulation with porous media

is there a transient solver which can model porous medias in OpenFOAM ?

Also there is a file "porousZones" in folder constant of the tutorial for the solver rhoPimpleFoam (OF 1.6), for me it seems as if the solver would not include the darcy law, right?

Can some one give me advise how to implement the darcy law like it is done in rhoPorousSimpleFoam (implicit).

Are anywhere still existing some transient solvers for porous media?

Best ragards Chrisi

Chrisi1984 September 6, 2010 07:08


I solved my problem.

I discovered that in OF 1.7 there is a transient solver for porous medias named rhoPorousMRFPimpleFoam.

Perhabs it helps someone.

Regards Chrisi

Black-Pearl June 20, 2011 09:31

Hello, are you coming along well with the Solver?
I have many Problems.

zqq December 2, 2012 21:40

I always search for a transient solver of porosity,it helps me,thanks

adrianabm August 26, 2015 09:34


i'm new to OpenFOAM and am currently using version 2.4, do you know if there would be an equivalent solver to the one you mentioned in the new version ? (I can't seem to find rhoPorousMRFPimpleFoam)


student666 August 26, 2015 15:13

Hi adriana,

you can use pimpleFoam, simpleFoam, or whatever and by adding fvOptions dict into system directory you can add a porous zone.

Google fvOptions.


adrianabm August 26, 2015 16:13


I am currently using porousSimpleFoam and adding a porous zone by using the commands
setSet -> cellSet -> cellZoneSet (and i haven't found a way yet to verify if indeed the porous zone is implemented correctly or not) but I was curious because I am looking for a way to solve the flow through a porous medium by using a transient solver instead of the steady state one...
and I'm not sure that if I simply set "Euler" or another method in the ddt scheme "key" in fvScheme, it would switch from steady state to transient (?)... I'm pretty sure it's not that simple..

So from your comment I understand that I can use any solver as long as I combine it with the correct definition of a porous zone in fvOptions, it should work ?

anyway, thanks for your message, i'll look into it tomorrow

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