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turanc September 23, 2010 13:24

Execution problems in dsmcFOAM
I don't think many other people are using or have used the relatively new dsmcFOAM solver but for any that have, I'd like to ask if you've had problems getting the solver itself to actually complete. It seems like the tutorials run fine, and sometimes my own cases complete but often enough the execution just seems to halt. Debugging it by putting output statements in the code and recompiling shows that it often stops just after the output (to the log) of the number of particles inserted in a given time step. This line is in FreeStream.C, one of the inflow boundary models that comes with the dsmc library. This is the very last line of the inflow() function, with the next line being the movement of the particles as:


which is in the evolve() function of DsmcCloud.C, and to which it never gets. The execution never seems to exit the inflow() function though sometimes and since there is literally no code (that I can see) between the end of inflow() and the beginning of move() , this makes zero sense.

If anyone else is using dsmcFOAM, I'd like to hear if you've seen inconsistencies like this. Thanks.

hafez March 5, 2011 23:49

i need your help
I'm a master student and i'm a beginner in using this program. can you help me yo known

the basics of DSMCFOAM?

because i will use it in simulation of gas flow through Nano tube.

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ehsan March 10, 2011 11:04

dsmcFoam paper
Dear All,

You could get more information about dsmcFoam reading our paper in CAF journal:


eemdee April 10, 2017 12:58

I'm having the same problem with my dsmc solver. It crashes right after the line that turanc points out. Has anyone come up with a solution?

edit: Sorry, should've read the paper before posting. The issue for me at least was that my deltat was too large. The paper notes that

"Good DSMC practice [1] suggests that the time-step should be a fraction of the mean free time (the mean time between collisions)at the free stream conditions."

decreasing my delta t by several orders of magnitude made dsmc.evolve() not get stuck.

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