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Franz_J September 30, 2010 21:06

using bubbleFOAM to model a sludge digester tank
Hi OpenFOAMer's
My task is to model a sludge digester tank, approximately 12m diameter, for a waste water treatment plant. The sludge liquid is continuously mixed by pumped air. Laboratory tests have indicated the viscosity of the sludge. Im planning to use bubbleFoam to model the air and liquid mixing interaction. My question is;

1 How fine does the mesh have to be to accurately model the gas plume
2 Can bubbleFoam be used for non-Newtonian fluids

Many thanks

Franz_J September 30, 2010 22:09

Actually my first post is a little dry, Ive been using OF for a few years now and never posted because my thousands-of-questions have already been asked by other newbys and answered. tropical stroms are norm this time of the year in Brisbane:)

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