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sambatra October 1, 2010 04:29

trouble with Source Term
Hi there,
I would like to implement a Source Term.
The trouble is that it is calculated thanks to a lot of variables and the BC of that source term is not specified.I am a bit tempted to put a zerogradient everywhere when I implement it.Can anybody tell me what I should do?How can I specify the BC of that source term?
Best Regards.

herbert October 4, 2010 03:22

Hi sambatra,

why do you need BC's for a source term? The choice of BC's is only important, if you want to solve an equation for that field. If it is only a source in an equation for another field you can use the default calculated BC. (BTW the boundaryField shouldn't be used when having a volumetric source. In fact it should make no difference which kind of BC you use.)


sambatra October 5, 2010 03:28

Hi Hebert,
Thank you so much for your information!
the reason I was asking that question was that the sources are to be relaxed so I guess creating field is required!


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