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adona058 October 6, 2010 11:40

Suggestions for modelling a cyclone
Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate some advice on a project I will be starting, involving the simulation of a few different cyclone designs.

I have created a few solvers in the past for simulating multiphase flow (VOF, diffuse interface, etc.), as well as particle settling in laminar flow. Most of my settling work used population balance models and particle-fluid interaction parameters to track the movement of the particles within the fluid...

However, I have not done simulations with particles and turbulence. From what I have read in literature, the popular approach for cyclone simulation appears to involve an RSM turbulence model, coupled with a stochastic Lagrangian multiphase flow model.

Which solver would be most appropriate as a starting point for performing these simulations? Does one of the built-in solvers already have the capability to do so, or am I looking at having to combine two solvers? Would reactingParcelFoam work, provided I removed the reaction terms?

I would appreciate any assistance you might have to offer, and would be even more greatful if someone who has done openfoam simulations of particle separation in a cyclone would be willing to share their experience and/or code/example cases.

I can be reached at

maysmech February 21, 2011 08:18

I have same question. Any idea about this issue?

slowtype June 17, 2011 14:43

any updates on this subject?

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