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hut October 21, 2010 16:29

Boundary conditions for two connected fluid region.
I want to creat two different fluid regions with different meshes. The outlet of region 1 will connect to the inlet of region 2. Assuming the flow goes through the inlet of region 1 to outlet of region 2.
Then, the BCs for U and P should be:
-Region 1, inlet: U fixed value, P zeroGradient
- Region 2, outlet: U zeroGradient, P fixed value (0 - ambient pressure)

So, what should BCs for U and P at: Outlet of Region 1 and Inlet of Region 2 (actually, they coincide but in different meshes).

The BC patches of Outlet, region 1 and Inlet, region2 should be "regionCouple" ???
Many thanks for helping me out of this.

aujamal20 December 4, 2012 07:23

defining internal boundary conditions

version: OF-2.1.0
geometry: containing a number of fluid regions surrounded by solid regions. Its like a 2D rectangle with solid walls having inlet/outlet fluid regions and internal fluid regions.
problem: coupling solid/fluid regions in the same way as defined in tutorial but how to couple fluid/fluid regions (right now i am using zeroGradient for U,T, p) and solid/solid regions.

And as I use to run the simulation, after some iterations temperature goes to very high values.


Hanzo December 5, 2012 01:07

Hey Jamal and Anh,

have a look at

Linse, ZKW and me are working on the same issue.

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