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orlikev October 27, 2010 07:23

compressible steady/transient turbulent flow
Dear All,
I am new in OpenFoam. I want to compute transonic airfoil (turbulent flow), and before I want do comparison with Fluent on flat plate. I found in manual that is only rhoSimpleFoam solver for steady flow. When I tried run flat plate case this error comes keyword rhoMax is undefined in dictionary ..fvSolution::SIMPLE.
Probably I set wrong BC or something else.
1. Could someone share with me proper case for this solver rhoSimpleFoam and also sonicFoam. Realy i dont know what solver will be better for my cases. M=0.5, M=0.73.
2. Could someone give me an example or reference to how set BC equivalent Fluent Farfield.
Sorry for my English, I really need help.

Ohbuchi November 1, 2010 08:16

If you need advice, you should show more detail information.
Which version you've tested, 1.7 or 1.5-dev ?
And please show your boundary file and/or picture of your
computational domain.

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