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mittal October 28, 2010 20:17

Particle dispersion model with LES?

Is there any dispersion model available for particle tracking with LES in Openfoam ? I found three models in openfoam:

1) StochasticDispersionRAS
2) none
3) GradientDispersionRAS

First and last option can not be used with LES and gives error as they seem to be based on RANS turbulence modeling?

Can some one please comment and guide me?

Many thanks,

matejfor October 29, 2010 12:13

as you write the only dispersion model available for LES is none, which probably does not do what you want. The question is: Do you need a dispersion model for your LES simulation? What is the Stokes number of your particles, what is your particle time scale compared to the timescale of unresolved turbulence?

If you really need it, it should not be difficult to write your own following the RAS model as a template and some LES dispersion model from the literature.

btw. there is a dummy LES dispersion implementation in spray class of dieselSpray.

good luck


mittal October 29, 2010 15:50

Dear Matej,
Thank you very much for your help. :)
I will look in to details you pointed out and get back to you.
Thanks once again,

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