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Fransje November 16, 2010 12:08

Solving for two distinct meshes in same run.
Hello Foamers!

I am trying to run the same solver on two distinct/independent meshes in the same test case, in such a way that the solution on the first mesh is not influenced by what's happening in the second domain.

What I would like to do is run a test case with cyclic boundary conditions, and remap the values of some plane in that domain to the inlet of the second domain.

Would someone know how to do that formally?

This far, I've managed to create two separate meshes, I've managed to seperate them (I think) in region0 and region1, I've managed to specify all the boundary conditions (remapping is done with directMapped), and I've managed to map the Initial Conditions I want to use from a previous test case.
But the problem I have is that OpenFOAM sees the two meshes as interconnected, with some phenomenon in the second domain influencing what is happening in the cyclic domain, and my solution blows up...

Would somebody know how to disconnect the two regions/and or improve my test case?

All help is welcome, so shoot!

Kind regards,


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