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bastil November 18, 2010 11:32

Dynamic mesh modifications
Dear all,

I am doing dynamic mesh modifications (stitching) on different boundary patches. When stitching the second pair I always get something like this:


Face 29290058 contains no vertex labels

    From function polyMesh::polyMesh::resetPrimitives
    const label nUsedFaces,
    const pointField& points,
    const faceList& faces,
    const labelList& owner,
    const labelList& neighbour,
    const labelList& patchSizes,
    const labelList& patchStarts

It seems there is some renumbering done during the first modification? I am also wondering about the tool consuming more and more memory while running. What is going on there? Thanks.

Regards Bastian.

kalle February 14, 2011 09:35


Yes, I am experiencing the same problem. Judging from checkMesh (done after the first stitching) the error is related to one of the faces that no longer is used. The problem is maybe related to that the first stitching will leave the former boundary faces (those that were stitched) in the /polyMesh/faces.

OpenCFD's release will delete them, and the resulting mesh will contain no extra points or faces (but can also not be restored to the mesh prior running stitchtesh)

No solution found though... except using openCFD's version. But the slidinginterface routines (which are employed by stitchmesh) in dev/ext is a lot better.

Maybe someone have a solution?


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