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dancfd November 28, 2010 13:30

Error trying to run steady-state sonicFoam
Hello all,

I receive a strange error when trying to run sonicFoam on my case. Eventually I want to run my case using sonicDyMFoam to have an oscillating airfoil. However, at this stage I only wish to test the simulation as a static, steady-state case. To do so, I ran moveDynamicMesh to get the airfoil angle where I wanted it, then copied the relevant /<time>/polyMesh/points file into the /constant/polyMesh directory, and edited the pointDisplacement file to prevent the mesh from moving further. However, when I try to run sonicFoam I get the following error:


Starting time loop

Time = 5e-08

Courant Number mean: 4.389700743e-05 max: 0.006296550206
diagonal:  Solving for rho, Initial residual = 0, Final residual = 0, No Iterations 0

mesh flux field does not exists, is the mesh actually moving?

    From function fvMesh::phi()
    in file fvMesh/fvMeshGeometry.C at line 392.

FOAM exiting

The simulation will run using sonicDyMFoam, though. Why is that? I do not want to solve the cellDisplacement equations if I do not need to, to speed up the simulation. sonicDyMFoam will not run with "steadyState" in the ddtSchemes subdict of system/fvSchemes, therefore I believe I need to use sonicFoam, but this error prohibits that!

Also, since this is a steady-state simulation, what is the best solver to use for compressible flow that will produce the same results as sonicDyMFoam for a steady case? As far as I can tell, sonicDyMFoam = sonicFoam + mesh motion, but which solver = sonicFoam but steady? I would guess rhoSimpleFoam. Note: these cases are all turbulent.

Thanks for the help,

dancfd December 19, 2010 12:45

Error Running rhoSimpleFoam
Hello all,

I am struggling to run rhoSimpleFoam on a case where sonicDyMFoam runs, but produces poor results. I receive the following error when running rhoSimpleFoam:


Create time

Create mesh for time = 0

Reading thermophysical properties

Selecting thermodynamics package ePsiThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieThermo<eConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>

Not implemented

    From function basicThermo::h()
    in file basicThermo/basicThermo.C at line 259.

FOAM aborting

Can anyone suggest what the problem could be? Note that there are unfortunately no tutorials for this solver.



immortality February 12, 2013 04:15

change epsithermo to hpsithermo

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