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pad December 3, 2010 06:22

transientSimpleDyMFoam, mapFields and decomposePar
Hi guys,

I am using 1.5-dev for running a transient stator-rotor case with a single GGI which I first run with a coarse mesh. The results are then mapped using mapFields to the final mesh and decomposed with metis into 2 meshes.

Now to my question / problem:
1) mapFields -> decomposePar -> transientSimpleDyMFoam (mpi run) results in an floating point exception after maybe 10-15 iterations
2) mapFields -> transientSimpleDyMFoam (single processor) seems to run fine
3) mapFields -> transientSimpleDyMFoam (single processor for a couple of iterations) -> decomposePar -> transientSimpleDyMFoam (mpi run) now works.

Does anyone know why 1) doesn't work and 3) does?


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