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prashant.A January 13, 2011 00:01

GGI Definition rules...

I have been playing around a bit with GGI definition for a while, seems like I have got stuck bad this time with definition of more than one GGI pair in the model.

I get this error:
polygonIntersection is returning a zero surface area between
Master face: 62568 and Neighbour face: 3693 intersection area = 0
Please check the two quick-check algorithms for GGIInterpolation. Something is missing.
From function void GGIInterpolation<MasterPatch, SlavePatch>::rescaleWeightingFactors() const
Uncovered faces found. On master: 56848 on slave: 431
Largest slave weighting factor correction : 1 average: 0.014198
Largest master weighting factor correction: 0.348096 average: 0.00855254

However, the same pair would not throw out any issues if there was only one GGI pair.

At this time, I think of:
1. matching tolerance between the interfaces, (which I had relaxed in GGIInterpolation.C but did not help !)

2. if all the connected parts should be defined in one GGI pair ?In other words, then what angle should seperate the different GGI pairs ?

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