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vaina74 January 27, 2011 15:22

MRFZone: error or warning? (MRFSimpleFoam)
I'm going to simulate an open marine propeller and I set up a case for MRFSimpleFoam solver. There is only rotor, without stator. I create a set of cells called rotor by cellSet and a cellSet dictionary, with cellToBox to include the whole domain. Then I launch setSet -batch setBatch and create sets of faces for cyclicGgi patches. I finally transform the sets into zones with setsToZones -noFlipMap. When I run MRFSimpleFoam the computation starts but I also have the message:

MRFZone rotor : did not find a faceZone; using 904684 faces from the cellZone instead.
I wonder if it's an error or just a warning. I try to include the rotor cellSet operation into setBatch, I also apply faceSet (in setBatch) to define a sets of faces from rotor, but I always get that message. Can anyone explain it?

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