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atareen64 January 31, 2011 18:40

venturi tube help!
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Dear Foamers,

I am trying to simulate the 2-D flow of air through a venturi tube (the geometry shown in the image attached). The dimensions of the tube are small; to give you an rough estimate, the outline of the mesh measures 10 mm by 20 mm. The solver I am using is sonicFoam. The starting point of my simulation was 'fowardStep' tutorial case in the sonicFoam subdirectory in tutorials.

My boundary conditions are somewhat similar to the fowardStep case that is already setup, so I changed the mesh geometry from fowardStep to the one I have, and I immediately run into trouble with I run sonicFoam: the error states the max number of iterations exceeded. How do I fix this? I tried making the time step larger but that didn't work.

Now for the real boundary conditions, I want to setup a higher pressure at the inlet, which on the left side of the image, (it's value is 27 % higher than atmospheric pressure) and atmospheric pressure at the outlet; I want to do this so I can flow air at roughly mach 1 through the tube. Does this mean that I'll have to set up the inlet pressure boundary condition to (1.27)*(101325) ? When I setup pressure like this, I get same error. I have no clue how to fix this.

Please help me in any way you can. If you need a reference, my case is just like the foward step case in the sonicFoam directory but with modified geometry and some BC conditions changed. I've read the manual but I still can't get anywhere with this problem. I can provide any information that might be necessary for you to help me.


warm regards,

Radko February 9, 2011 16:16

You should decrease the time step to fix your error. Did you check your modified mesh with checkMesh? You can try to specify your inlet and outlet pressures in 0/p as:


  type fixedValue;
  value uniform (128682.75 0 0); // 27% above atm

  type waveTransmissive;
  field p; // name of field
  phi phi; // volumetric flux field
  rho rho; // density field
  psi psi; // density field
  gamma 1.4; // ratio of specific heats
  fieldInf 101325; // far-field value
  lInf 0.1; // distance to far-field
  value uniform 101325;

You might want to calculate the critical pressure for choked flows first. I guess your ratio of 1.27 is too small and the flow will not reach Mach 1.

Kind regards, Radko

atareen64 February 18, 2011 12:58

Thank you Radko, it works now!


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