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romant February 10, 2011 09:26

nutWallFunction vs. nutkWallFunction

I have been looking into the nut wall function behavior and found that there are two different nut wall function boundary conditions, one called


and the other one

for some reason there is almost no difference, just that in the function


void nutkWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs()
    if (updated())



the if(updated()) is added to the nutkWallFunction but not to the nutWallFunction. Does anyone know why there is a difference and what it does?

giuli@ October 21, 2011 10:12

I don't know the difference; however, I'm running openfoam 2.0.1 and there is no nutWallFunction available, only nutkWallFunction

Gunnern March 6, 2016 14:47

I am also wondering about the difference between the nutWallFunction and the nutkWallFunction. Does anyone have an idea?

akidess March 7, 2016 08:45

nutWallFunction is a virtual base class.

crazzy.pirate43 June 16, 2016 12:43


Originally Posted by akidess (Post 588451)
nutWallFunction is a virtual base class.

so if you please can you give more explanation as I tried to use it in OpenFoam 3.0.x and it was not existed as the run stop and if i may I need more data about nutkWallFunction:confused::confused:

thank you in advance

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