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kriskerst February 21, 2011 15:47

How small to choose the timestep?
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Hello everyone,

I try to simulate a static mixer.
The timestep, I calculated following:
Co = 0.01
u = 0.0062
delta x = 0.00025 m

Co = (u * delta t)/ delta x
--> delta t = 0.0004 s

With "simpleFoam" everything was ok, but I would like to use the solver "icoFoam".
With icoFoam I took delta t = 0.00001 s, but still was not ok. I run it on a cluster, because on my notebook it lasted 8 hours to do the first 0,5 seconds.

I choosed the endTime 12.

Maybe it also could be another adjustment in icoFoam. If somebody has experience with this solver, it would be great.

My blockMeshDic:

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