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Greg Givogue March 7, 2011 17:37

Changing patches vs changing mesh for multiple cases
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I have a questions about setting patches as inlets and outlets to achieve various angle of attacks on bodies. I would like to run several cases on one body at different angles of attack. I thought the easiest way to do this would be to orient the body in the x-direction in CAD and then mesh a rectangular domain - like a windtunnel. For the direct flow scenario (in the x-direction) I named the patch ahead of the body as an inlet and the the patch directly behind the body as on outlet. Simple enough, and this set-up gives good results. To get an angle of attack I assigned 2 patches as inlets and 2 patches as outlets and changed the initial conditions to include a y-component for U. In this set-up I then have an inlet patch touching an outlet patch...

I'm having issues with the cases involving an angle of attack and I need to question every setting. I would really appreciate some feedback - thanks in advance for your help and time! :)


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