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tidal_Tom March 18, 2011 06:14

simpleWindFoam Explicit Source
Hi, I have been using OpenFOAM 1.7.1 for a few months now to simulate tidal turbines in channel flow. I have been using the simpleWindFoam solver that is included in the tutorials with version 1.7.1. It uses the field sources located at:


It runs fine when I select an actuatordisk as the source. However I would like to use the explicit source so I can add a turbulece, k and epsilon, term at the disk. However when I do so I get the following message:

Selecting model type explicitSource
Source: turb
- selecting cells using cellSet actuationDisk1
- selected 896 cell(s) with volume 3.888201e-06

header not OK

From function explicitSource::setFieldData
in file cfdTools/general/fieldSources/basicSource/explicitSource/explicitSource.C at line 153.

FOAM exiting

I do not understand the error. I simply copied the explicit source definition from the basicSource.H file and added it to the sourceProperties file located in the constant directory of the model.

can anyone help?

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