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vkrastev March 28, 2011 14:16

p_rgh in OpenFOAM 1.6
Hi all, I'm trying to modify the chtMultiregionFoam solver of OpenFOAM 1.6 adding some of the characteristics of the 1.7.1 version. Apart from the details, I need the 1.6 solver to recognize p_rgh as the new pressure variable for which the solution procedure is performed. I've modified the pEqn.H file in order to reach the goal, but after a seemingly correct compilation when I try to run a test case this is the error message coming out:

Solving for fluid region fluid1
diagonal: Solving for rho, Initial residual = 0, Final residual = 0, No Iterations 0
DILUPBiCG: Solving for Ux, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 2.5150392e-08, No Iterations 2
DILUPBiCG: Solving for Uy, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 9.5553996e-09, No Iterations 2
DILUPBiCG: Solving for Uz, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 6.502438e-09, No Iterations 2
DILUPBiCG: Solving for h, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 3.847947e-09, No Iterations 2
Min/max T:300 363

keyword p is undefined in dictionary "/work/alh/vesselin/myMultiRegionCase_4_liquid/system/fluid1/fvSolution::solvers"

file: /work/alh/vesselin/myMultiRegionCase_4_liquid/system/fluid1/fvSolution::solvers from line 21 to line 124.

From function dictionary::subDict(const word& keyword) const
in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 449.

FOAM exiting

Any suggestion to fix the problem? Is it possible to redefine the keyword for the pressure variable?

Thank you in advance


PS-Please, do not answer: "Switch to OF-1.7.1 instead of breaking your head on how to modify the 1.6 version...". I know this could be the simplest solution bur unfortunately I must do it the above way....

vkrastev March 29, 2011 05:00

Maybe it could be more appropriate to shift the post here


ata March 30, 2011 09:29

p_rgh in OpenFOAM 1.6
I think you must change the name of the p to p_rgh in your code or p_rgh to p in you solution dictionaty. But if I mistake, you can upload your code for more help.

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