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Keks April 18, 2011 17:32

Temperature in chtMultiRegionFoam
Hi OpenFoamers,

I have a problem with the chtMultiRegionFoamSolver in OF 1.7.0 when solving a hot cylinder in a fluid (T_fluid=300K, T_solid=370K).

First, I made a mesh manually (with blockMesh) and the results were plausible, then I made a mesh with netgen out of an stl-file, with the same dimensions and same bc's,
but the results are strange.
There is no heat transport in the fluid, it seems the solver doesn't consider the hot surface. Also, the y-velocity does some strange things, but x-v. seems ok.

Anyone any idea, why solving the case with a netgen-made geometry doesn't work like it did with the blockMesh geometry?

Thanks for every comment :-)

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