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SD@TUB April 26, 2011 08:29

SDA/SDK coeffs for ggi cases
Hello FOAMers,

i noticed the solidBodyMotionFvMesh feature in the dynamicMeshDict, where to specify coefficients for SDA (ship design analysis) or SKA (sea-keeping analysis) in the sloshing tank tutorials.
I want to adapt this capability for cases with moving meshes via ggi, e.g. harmonic oscillations of rotating mesh parts. Does someone already work on this issue? I didn't find an appropriate hint within this forum. I have in mind to create something like a harmonicGgiFvMesh or something similar, but maybe there exist a quite smarter solution to force a ggi mesh motion with several parameters like the SDA/SDK coefficients?

Thanks in advance

BTW: I use OpenFOAM-1.6-ext.

SD@TUB July 12, 2011 04:54

SDA/SKA should be the right title
Hello again,

Just a reply to myself...
Following the link
you will get an idea how to do that.

Another thing that come to my mind: How is it done, that GGI motion isn't enforced by such parameters rather than a solution of the ODE motion solver
itself (e.g. decay of turning bodies due to viscosity)?
Does anybody have a clue about that? Its obvious, that these things already challenged with 1.6-ext, as you can see in examples shown by WIKKI (i.e. drop of cylinder, capsizing box, etc)...


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