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Alish1984 May 7, 2011 12:48

Constant Volume Combustion with reactingFoam

I want to simulate constant volume combustion

I decided to use reactingFoam because i wanted to use GRI mech 3 reaction mechanism,I used OF171 reactingFoam tutorial but it was 2D

I created a patch named "All" with type empty and replace all the patches in that patch, as a matter of fact i make openfoam to solve the conservation equation just for time(zero dimensional simulation)

I set the premixed initial conditions in 0 directory

It worked but i have a question that the conservation equations for constant volume combustion as i saw in Turns(an introduction to combustion-2nd edition-chapter 6) is different from what i made in reactingFoam by the procedure explained above,was my procedure correct for simulating constant volume combustion? and what about constant pressure combustion? can anyone know about how to make constant volume or constant pressure case with chemical kinetics?

KrisT May 8, 2011 02:54


I have not used OpenFOAM for constant volume combustion. I have however used the package Cantera

I think that code is better suited for your type of problems.

Alish1984 May 8, 2011 08:51

Hi KrisT

I know this , I also use chemkin for constant volume and constant pressure combustion, but this is part of my project and my supervisor told me to run this case in openfoam first,the goal of this first step is to make this case and then compare it with chemkin results....

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