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lrunber May 10, 2011 08:30

Introduction to Lagrangian Solvers
Hi Foamers,

I have been looking at the icoLagrangianFoam example solver on 1.6-ext, which implements the KinematicCloud.C/H code. However, browsing through the Lagrangian source code folder I have become quite confused :o There is quite a variety of Lagrangian codes and I find it difficult to distinguish between them and know which one will be the best starting point for my problem.

I require a incompressible Euler-Lagrange solver, with two-way coupling between the particles & fluid, where I want to modify the source contribution. I only require a very small number of particles and code that is easy to follow will also be a bonus.

Ok, all the following seems as if it could be applicable:
Intermediate: KinematicCloud, KinematicParcel
Basic: Cloud, Particle
and solidParticle

Firstly, what is difference here between a Cloud and a Parcel?
Secondly, what code do you think will best suite my needs? I am thinking just building on the Particle.H/C code might be a good option.

Also, any detailed descriptions of these codes will be very much appreciated. (I have worked through the Tutorial by Aurelia Valllier).

Thank you very much :)

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