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pajofego May 15, 2011 10:59

Is it possible to accelerate the ode solver of reactingFoam?
Hello at all,

I'm doing a lot of combustion simulations with the reactingFoam solver. The problem is portioned -depending on the model size - up to 12 cpu cores. My experience is that the ode solver (sibs, KRR4, ...) for the chemistry is the most time consuming part of one time iteration. I haven't taken a deeper look into the code of the ode solver as well as I'm not a expert for Runge Kutta problems. So, did anyone know if it possible to accelerate the ode solver with other special techniques or to use alternative solvers? Maybe someone have think about it to export the ode solver to a GPU?

If you have some suggestions and ideas for me it would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Alish1984 September 10, 2011 17:33

Hi Paul

I also have the same problem,as u know when u use detailed chemistry,the solver solves a system of Ns(Number of species) ODE in each cell and each time step and it is so time consuming.
I tried to solve chemical kinetics sequentially instead of representing it in system of ODEs (by choosing sequential in chemistryProperties,chemistrySolver part)but it sometimes works with acceptable error and sometimes not! and i dont know why?
u can learn a little about the basics of sequentially solving reactions with reference species technique in "Complex Chemistry Modeling of Diesel Spray Combustion" by Niklas Nordin said this technique is also used in Kiva codes.I couldn't find any other article to explain more about sequentially solving reactions technique yet. maybe it works for ur case, but if it works,the speedup is noticeable.


Ali Shamooni

Aleksey_R August 10, 2014 05:38

Dear colleagues,

did you succeed in solving ODEs on GPU? I'm also interested in this problem.

Best regards,

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