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NeilCFD May 25, 2011 06:46

Probe location for moving mesh

I'm running a moving mesh simulation (using InterDyMFoam) and I have a number of probes defined in controlDict to measure pressures during the simulation. The runs are of quite long duration (> 10,000 s) and often they have to be restarted. The problem with this is that the probe locations then have to be recalculated manually to allow for the displacement/rotation of the mesh, which is tedious and can lead to errors. Does anyone know of a way to specify probes in the body coordinate system rather than globally?

I'm using OF 1.7.1. From my controlDict:

application interDyMFoam;
startFrom latestTime;
startTime 500;
stopAt endTime;
endTime 18000;
deltaT 0.01;
writeControl adjustableRunTime;
writeInterval 1.0;
purgeWrite 0;
writeFormat binary;
writePrecision 10;
writeCompression compressed;
timeFormat general;
timePrecision 6;
runTimeModifiable yes;
adjustTimeStep yes;
maxCo 0.5;
maxAlphaCo 0.5;
maxDeltaT 1;

type probes;
functionObjectLibs ( "" );
enabled true;
outputControl timeStep;
outputInterval 1;
#include "$FOAM_CASE/../sensorGrid.long"

Hope someone has some ideas!


elliot_hfx September 17, 2012 12:13

Hi Neil,

I met similar problems as yours. Did you solve this problem?
Did you find a way to specify probes in the body coordinate system rather than globally?



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