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rishibigghe June 8, 2011 12:43

I am trying to simulate a methane jet mixing in air. The methane jet flow is turbulent and comes out of tube and mixes with air. I am using reactingFoam for the simulation. I have fixed the boundary condition and initial condition of CH4, O2 & N2 without any problem as my simulation does not involve combustion. So, i have also turned off the chemical reactions.

I wish to perform a steady state analysis of the case and reactingFoam has setting of transient analysis. Can anyone suggest a procedure to achieve steady state analysis.


linnemann June 8, 2011 14:49

Hi Rishi

Unfortunately there is no steady-state gas combustion model in OF.

You can look here for inspiration

I did this with a good friend of mine, but I must say I would probably do things differently Ii I were to do it over again. We were quite new to OpenFOAM and had nothing but the forum and the sparse documentation to work with.

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