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lfgmarc June 21, 2011 21:13

A question about boundary condition??
Hi, I trying to setup a case, in which I need that the inlet pressure changing according to the value of the outlet pressure. any suggestion ?

Best Regards, and thanks for your help


wschosta June 22, 2011 17:08

one possible solution is as follows:

if your inlet condition needs to be the same as your outlet you could make the walls at your inlet and outlet cyclic (periodic) which would basically mean that anything going out the outlet would come back in through the inlet. The problem with that is it also preserves any funky things going on with your fluid. And because the pressure is changing I'm guessing some funky things are happening.

that said I've tried my own interesting wall conditions and you might want to look at swak4foam, it was recommended to me while I was on my quest. It's an additional library that allows you to use equations for the boundary conditions. I didn't end up using it so I don't really know much more about it besides that.

best of luck!


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