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Nico A. June 30, 2011 12:58

Hello everyone,

I computed the flow around a sphere and also calculated the lift and drag forces/ coefficients. At present I got to high values for Cd (0.61) at Re = 1*10⁴, due to the k-epsilon turbulence model I guess.
But anyway I checked the code for the calculation in the 'forceCoeffs.C' file. Most of it is clear to me, but I did not underśtand a few lines:

void Foam::forceCoeffs::write()
00110 {
00111    if (active_)
00112    {
00113        // Create the forces file if not already created
00114        makeFile();
00116        forcesMoments fm = forces::calcForcesMoment();
00118        scalar pDyn = 0.5*rhoRef_*magUInf_*magUInf_;
00120        vector totForce = fm.first().first() + fm.first().second();
00121        vector totMoment = fm.second().first() + fm.second().second();

00123        scalar liftForce = totForce & liftDir_;
00124        scalar dragForce = totForce & dragDir_;
00125        scalar pitchMoment = totMoment & pitchAxis_;
00127        scalar Cl = liftForce/(Aref_*pDyn);
00128        scalar Cd = dragForce/(Aref_*pDyn);
00129        scalar Cm = pitchMoment/(Aref_*lRef_*pDyn);

I am not used to the C-language that much, but I want to know what is mathematically done in the red marked lines. Thanks for your advices!

Best regards Nico

norman1981 July 1, 2011 02:44

Hi Nico,

fm contains the computed forces and moments data (see forces.C). fm.first() contains forces data, fm.second() contains moments data. Forces and moments are stored in pressure and viscous contributions, so that:
fm.first().first() --> normal force
fm.first().second() --> tangential force
fm.second().first() --> moment due to the normal force
fm.second().second() --> moment due to the tangential force

The scope of the two lines you reported is to sum these contributions in order to get the total force and total moment.



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