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pit August 5, 2011 05:59

reactingFoam temperature drops below bc
Hi foamers,

I try to simulate (OF-1.7) a oxygen-steam mixture in a cylindrical geometry with two coaxial inlets.

But when I run the case the temperature drops below the initial bc (mixed 385K <-> inlets 403K/638K). Thats bad because at this conditions (p=4.3MPa) the steam condensed.

To eliminate this case I clearly increase the tmperatures at the inlets. But in result the temperature again drops below my default values.

BC: (in,wall,out)
T: fixedValue, zeroGradient, inletOutlet
U: fixedValue/cylindricalInletVelocity, fixedValue, fluxCorrectedVelocity (prevent backflow)
p: zeroGradient, zeroGradient, totalPressure

chemistry and turbulence reaction is off

Can anyone help me?

With best regards

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