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gfilip September 20, 2011 11:27

pisoFoam fails with locDynOneEqEddy
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pisoFoam crashes when I try to use the locDynOneEqEddy LES model. and both show up in the attached log.

When I run the case with say dynSmagorinsky, everything works fine.

in my constant/LESProperties:

LESModel locDynOneEqEddy
delta cubeRootVol;

ce 1.05;
filter simple;

I have no issues with this turb model in a channel flow problem with both pisoFoam and channelFoam. I have checked the initial conditions several times but I cannot find anything that could be responsible for crash in this case.

Any hints are appreciated.

Tarak December 29, 2011 20:42


You can try to solve this in 2 ways:

1. In the wall boundary condition for turbulent kinetic energy, give a very small value e.g 1e-20 instead of 0.


2. Start solution using oneEqEddy or dynOneEqEddy model (or any other simpler model) and after some hundreds of iterations switch to locDynOneEqEddy model.


vut March 17, 2014 12:32

Hi Tarak,

Your response for gfilip's question interested me alot.

May you give me more details of switching to locDynOneEqEddy model after hundreds of iterations?

More generally, I am searching how to initialize a LES simulation from a known solution?

Thank in advance,


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