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samiam1000 September 21, 2011 03:14

CFD simulation of the wind over a terrain
Dear all,

I have to perform the simulation of the wind over the terrain of a certain area. I start from a DTED map.

I would like to know which are the steps I have to do in order to get some good results.

Also, the software I wish to use is OpenFOAM.

Thanks a lot,


cfd_newbie September 22, 2011 07:50

Do a google search for "bolund experiment" you might get some useful links and hints.

samiam1000 September 22, 2011 07:54

Never hared about it.

Let's try. Thanks a lot.


elvis September 22, 2011 10:39


have a look at

there was also at but I do not have the link

the post is very useful Terrain digital elevation maps (DEMs) => .Obj => STL from STL together with a suiting Blockmesh you can snappyhexmesh you terrain

elvis September 22, 2011 10:39


maybe this is of interest :p ?

samiam1000 September 22, 2011 11:24

Hi Elvis,

thanks a lot.

I will study the links you sent, tonight.

Then I'll let you know.

Keep in touch,


samiam1000 September 24, 2011 07:09

Hey Elvis,

one more question: could you explain how I can pass from the Terrain digital elevation maps (DEMs) to .Obj and then to STL?

I am working hard on the "turbineSitting" tutorial.. And I hope to cope with it as soon as possible!


elvis September 26, 2011 08:24

Hi Samuele,

I do not know how Terrain digital elevation maps (DEMs) are converted to .Obj-files!

But .Obj ->.STL can be converted via any VTK-based Software (for example paraview or Mayavi (1 or 2) =>vtkOBJReader =>vtkSTLWriter => vtkDEMReader

well it looks like that you can read DEMso you also can write via vtkSTLWriter all within VTK

or MeshLab

The Bolund experiment =>

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